Dishing Up Disney

An Adventure through my Disney Cookbook


Posted by Dishing up Disney on January 12, 2012

My wife blogs.  I like to cook. That’s how this project got started.

One of her blog friends wrote a series of blogs that essentially took a cookbook and wrote about all the recipes as he cooked them.  My wife thought it would be fun for me to write a blog about cooking, so she decided to “borrow” her friend’s idea.  I personally think this is a grand scheme to get me to cook new dishes.

Since we didn’t want to be total hacks, we decided to put a personal spin on the idea.  After much soul searching (about 5 minutes)  we realized we have numerous cookbooks from our favorite place in the whole wide world, Disney World.  Therefore we decided to dish up some Disney.  I grabbed my favorite Disney Cookbook, Delicious Disney by the Disney Chefs with Pam Brandon, and started to plan to cook every recipe in the book.

So here I am writing my first blog.  I’m going to write the very rough draft and my wife, Catherine, will edit.   You will never know how much the world will appreciate that.

In each post I plan on writing about one of the recipes from this cookbook.  I won’t be giving the whole recipe, you’ll have to buy the book to get that (don’t want to get sued).  I will be telling you about the experience of cooking the dish and how it turned out.  But wait, there’s more.  I’m going to talk about the restaurant it came from, especially if we have been there.

My goal is to make 2 – 3 recipes per week, and blog about them as soon as possible after eating.  But….I am a Dad to 2-year-old twins, so I’ll do my best to keep up with this timeline!

I’m also going to try to impart some of the knowledge I have gathered over the years regarding cooking.  I’m not a professional cook.  Didn’t go to school for it either, but I’ve taught myself quite a bit.  I’ll have tips and opinions on ingredients, methods and equipment.  I hope you will share your own tips and opinions also, so we can all learn from each other.  Because in cooking, I’ve found that there is rarely an absolute right and wrong way.

I really hope you enjoy this site and I look forward to sharing our experience with you.

Catherine and Tim




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