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Where we’re eating in Disney World

Posted by Dishing up Disney on January 29, 2012

We booked our Dinner reservations for our Disney vacation in July!

I’m going to be blogging about the restaurants that we visit so here is a sneak peak.  For the most part we are going to dinners with a breakfast and lunch tossed in.  We’re planning on going to quick service for most lunches and I’ll review them also, but we don’t have a set plan as of right now so we are probably going to just see how it goes.

  • Monday July 9th                –              Chef Mickeys                        – Dinner   – Since it’s our kids and my father in law’s first time at Disney World, what’s a better start then   having dinner with Mickey and his friends?
  • Tuesday July 10th              –              Tutto Italia                           – Dinner   – last time we went, the Fresh Mozzarella was awesome, now time to try something new.
  • Wednesday July 11th       –              California Grill                      – Dinner   – Well, our kids like “different foods”, so we’re daring it on this one.
  • Thursday July 12th            –              Mama Melrose                    – Dinner    – We like Italian.
  • Friday July 13th                   –              The Wave                              – Dinner    – We’re staying at the Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary so we have to try the resort’s newest restaurant.
  • Saturday July 14th             –              Crystal Palace                     – Lunch      – You have to get some one-on-one time with Pooh and friends.  Plus, Tigger is my wife’s favorite.
  • Saturday July 14th             –              Victoria and Albert’s        – Dinner     – 10 courses of food, 7 glasses of wine, and then they send you out into the 90+ degree Florida Heat.
  • Sunday July 15th                –              Ohana                                     – Dinner      – You can’t argue with meat oak-grilled on sticks.  Well, unless you’re a Vegetarian.
  • Monday 16th                       –              Chefs de France                   – Dinner      – My wife likes French food. I’m hoping to see Remy.
  • Tuesday 17th                       –              Chef Mickeys                        – Breakfast – We’re working under the assumption the kids will want to go again.  Yeah, the kids would want it this way.
  • Tuesday 17th                       –              Raglan Road                          – Dinner      – Never been here before, heard good things
  • Wednesday July 18th       –              Le Cellier                                 – Dinner     – Catherine needs Beer Cheese soup.
  • Thursday July 19th            –              Tony’s Town Square          – Dinner     – We really like Italian.

4 Responses to “Where we’re eating in Disney World”

  1. prttynpnk said

    I hope you enjoy the Wave- we’ve always enjoyes it but we’ve seen such mixed reviews. I recommend the Sustainable fish- very yummsy.

    • I can’t wait to try the wave, I heard mixed reviews but I always give a place a chance. We’ll keep the sustainable fish in mind, our kids usually like fish and we are planning on having them share our meals. The portions are way to big for our diet and we would rather not waste food. Luckily our kids are pretty good sports when it comes to food.

  2. Victoria and Albert’s……I am so jealous. That is an amazing meal. Savor every bit!

    • We will, It’s for our anniversary that falls during the trip. Luckily my father in law was willing to watch over our two year old twins while we go to the restaurant., Thank’s for checking out my post.

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