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An Adventure through my Disney Cookbook

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We booked our Dinner reservations for our Disney vacation in July!

I’m going to be blogging about the restaurants that we visit so here is a sneak peak.  For the most part we are going to dinners with a breakfast and lunch tossed in.  We’re planning on going to quick service for most lunches and I’ll review them also, but we don’t have a set plan as of right now so we are probably going to just see how it goes.

  • Monday July 9th                –              Chef Mickeys                        – Dinner   – Since it’s our kids and my father in law’s first time at Disney World, what’s a better start then   having dinner with Mickey and his friends?
  • Tuesday July 10th              –              Tutto Italia                           – Dinner   – last time we went, the Fresh Mozzarella was awesome, now time to try something new.
  • Wednesday July 11th       –              California Grill                      – Dinner   – Well, our kids like “different foods”, so we’re daring it on this one.
  • Thursday July 12th            –              Mama Melrose                    – Dinner    – We like Italian.
  • Friday July 13th                   –              The Wave                              – Dinner    – We’re staying at the Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary so we have to try the resort’s newest restaurant.
  • Saturday July 14th             –              Crystal Palace                     – Lunch      – You have to get some one-on-one time with Pooh and friends.  Plus, Tigger is my wife’s favorite.
  • Saturday July 14th             –              Victoria and Albert’s        – Dinner     – 10 courses of food, 7 glasses of wine, and then they send you out into the 90+ degree Florida Heat.
  • Sunday July 15th                –              Ohana                                     – Dinner      – You can’t argue with meat oak-grilled on sticks.  Well, unless you’re a Vegetarian.
  • Monday 16th                       –              Chefs de France                   – Dinner      – My wife likes French food. I’m hoping to see Remy.
  • Tuesday 17th                       –              Chef Mickeys                        – Breakfast – We’re working under the assumption the kids will want to go again.  Yeah, the kids would want it this way.
  • Tuesday 17th                       –              Raglan Road                          – Dinner      – Never been here before, heard good things
  • Wednesday July 18th       –              Le Cellier                                 – Dinner     – Catherine needs Beer Cheese soup.
  • Thursday July 19th            –              Tony’s Town Square          – Dinner     – We really like Italian.

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