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Super Bowl Cheeseburger Dip

Posted by Dishing up Disney on February 5, 2012

I’m decided to go off the board today in honor of the number one sporting event in the world, the Superbowl.  What’s better to celebrate Americans game (sorry Baseball, your time at the top has past) by cooking a dish inspired by an American classic; the Cheeseburger.  I actually tried this once before, when my friends and I went to tailgate before a Buffalo Bills game.  It’s one of my own creations, not from my cookbook.

Here’s the recipe, sort of(I’ll explain later)

8 0z grass fed sirloin(grass fed chuck or a blend of the two would work too)

4 Roma tomatoes(seeded and chopped fine)

1/2 onion (chopped fine)

pickle (chopped fine)

Garlic powder (mixed with a little water to form paste)

Worcestershire sauce

smoked sea salt

6oz Velveeta (cubed)

3/4 cup milk

salt to taste (always do this, always)

Tortilla chips or french bread rounds

the ingredients

I started out by grinding up some Grass fed Sirloin Steak.  I went with grass fed due to the taste is far superior and the beef flavor needs to be able to stand up to the rest of the ingredient.  I talked about this very topic here in this post.  If it was low flavor general beef, it would get lost (unless you used a ton of beef which would cost more then springing for the grass fed beef) and you would have pickle- cheese dip, doesn’t seem appetizing to me. After you grind it, saute the ground beef and onion until nice and brown.  Remove the beef and onion from the pan. and set aside.  Now on to the sauce.

beef and onions

the dip

the product

In the same pan warm the milk, scraping all those tasty bits off the bottom of the pan.  Once warm, not boiling, start adding in Velveeta.  I know I often “preach” about quality of ingredients, and processed cheese is not up there on quality.  Well, I like fancy, interesting cheeses a lot, but who doesn’t like some good old processed American cheese once in a while and it melts wonderfully.  There’s nothing wrong with that in my book.  Superbowl time is not the time for fine dining; I don’t even plan to use a fork today …. maybe a napkin.

Once the cheese is melted into milk, add beef, onions, tomatoes into sauce.  You may have noticed that I mixed my garlic powder with water; there is a reason for this.  Garlic that is in powder, granulated, or any other dried form does not work to its potential unless it is re-hydrated.  Now there’s a not so obvious problem, have you ever used garlic powder in a marinade or tomato sauce and it seems like you have to use a ton to get the  garlic flavor in the sauce?  That is because acidic environment disturbs the re-hydration process.  That is why you should re-hydrate in water and make a paste.  If you do this, the garlic will be almost as flavorful as fresh garlic, so don’t use too much.  Don’t forget, cooking is more science then any other discipline and you need to understand that in order make a recipe as delicious as possible.

Ariel the taste tester


She likes It!!!!

I don’t say how much garlic powder, chopped pickle, Smoked Sea Salt and Worcestershire sauce to add, but this is when you add it.  The reason I can’t say is because these are strong flavors and not very standardized in taste (In my opinion) and they need to be added bit by bit.  Taste the dip as you go and when the flavors are in balance, STOP.  I’m not going to tell you how much pickle you should use because depending on the brand and type, there could be a strong vinegar flavor or a mild vinegar flavor (I used dill pickles, about 1/4 to 1/2 of a whole Pickle).  I listed salt to taste again because you don’t want the smoky flavor of the smoked sea salt to overwhelm.  So, if the smoke flavor is right and you think more salt is needed, use some regular kosher salt.

I serve this with some french bread sliced into 1/4 inch thick rounds.

I served it as is off the stove but maybe next time I’ll broil it at the end to brown the top.  I hope you enjoy; let me know what you think or if you can think of any ways to make this recipe better.


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